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Motoare electrice, transformatoare

Our company has completed an extensive program of investment and modernization, resulted in a new hall in the city of Craiova equippied  with latest equipment to repair electrical motors and generators 1 kW - 10 MW and power transformers with up to 2500 kVA.
We address you  the invitation to send delegates in order to evaluate the new joint opportunities to fulfill your requests for:

• repairing electric motors:
                         * Electrical and mechanical
                         * Repackage magnetic cores
                         * Replacement axles, cooling pipes
                         * Manufacture parts.

• repairing transformers
• diagnosis and testing (even at our customer headquarters) for: electric motors, stators reels winder rotors in short, the task of training, sources of power station with complete configuration Baker
• dynamic balancing rotors, turbines, fans, etc.. up to 11.5 tonnes
• dressing rotors high winder machine bandaged
• mechanical processing complex: carousel lathe SC 1250; horizontal lathes: SN 800, SN 320; haircut FSU 32; hydraulic press 200 tf;

• oxiacetilenic welding, electric welding, in the protective environment of argon and stargon (ARISTOTIG system and ESAB MIG)
• manufacturing engine collector current and collector rings for electric motors AC
• measure vibrations with last generation devices (display unit Easy-Viber, vibration transducer with magnetic, photoelectric transducer speed, soft SpectraPro storage, data management and diagnosis)
• saleelectric motors and transformers

Following the audit of  08.05.2007 made by the representatives of Fuji Electric Motor Co. and Japan Motor & Generator Co.. on: technical equipment, personnel training, quality of services our company is (only) agreed as "Service Company" for Romania and the  NUCLEARELECTRICA has included SC MOTOARE ELECTRICE Craiova in the list of service providers "Best Commercial" as attachments.

We have the capability to provide equipment repair, electrical and mechanical, of any type of electric motor or generator is in operation in the Romanian industry 1KW - 10 MW and electrical power transformers up to 2500 kVA.

Our company has the following certifications and accreditations: IQnet, SRAC, AFER, FUJI ELECTRIC (Service Company), Nuclearelectrica (Best Business).

Our company has the following certifications and accreditations:
Fuji Electric

Afacerireparatii motoare electrice